Letterbox Containers (by Silver Eagle)

Through my many years of placing and finding letterboxes I have seen many types of containers and experimented with several others, so in this article I will mention them along with their pros and cons.  However, in order for a box to last a long time it not only needs a durable container but a well disguised one, so it should be covered with camo tape or painted earth colors with a spray paint that will stick to plastic, like Krylon Fusion.  This will also protect plastic containers from damaging UV light.  Also, contents should be sealed in ziplock bags for extra protection unless the container is too small.

Lock n Lock:  hard plastic container with tabs to lock down lid

     Pros - durable, mostly waterproof, various sizes

     Cons - fairly expensive, tabs eventually break off

Rubbermaid:  medium-hard plastic container with lid that snaps shut strongly without tabs

     Pros - durable, fairly waterproof, various sizes

     Cons - fairly expensive

Glad:  soft plastic container with lid that doesn’t snap shut strongly

     Pros - inexpensive, various sizes

     Cons - not durable, not waterproof

Film Canister:  small plastic cylinder with lid that snaps shut

     Pros - durable, inexpensive (free if ask for empties at Walgreens)

     Cons - only small size, not waterproof, getting harder to find

Pill Container:  small plastic cylinder with child-protected lid

     Pros - inexpensive (free if ask friends for empties), mostly waterproof, can hang from tree limbs

     Cons - only small size, can crack

Food Container:  plastic containers with screw-top lids such as peanut butter, relish, spice, etc.

     Pros - fairly durable, various sizes, inexpensive (free if ask friends for empties), mostly waterproof

     Cons - hard to remove food smell so animals might destroy (use bleach)

Ziplock Bag Covered In Camo Tape:  plastic bag with sealable top

     Pros - various sizes (fits under rock easily), inexpensive  

     Cons - might tear, seal eventually leaks (double bag for protection)

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